Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Introducing our innovative line of composite can ends—crafted with precision and designed to elevate your packaging solutions. These ends stand as a fortified shield, safeguarding your products from external factors that could compromise their integrity. With an emphasis on preserving freshness, they create a protective barrier against oxygen and moisture, ensuring that flavors, aromas, and textures remain unchanged over time.

Beyond their protective prowess, these composite can ends offer a canvas for your brand's identity, customizable with your unique graphics and logos, seamlessly engaging consumers on crowded shelves. Their versatility spans a wide array of applications, designed to complement products ranging from frozen juices and spices to baby formula and pet food. Environmentally conscious, they bear the hallmark of recyclability, contributing to a more sustainable packaging solution. Our composite can ends are a testament to our commitment—enhancing product safety, streamlining your production processes, and making a positive impact on your bottom line.

211 Composite Can End

  • Can be produced as ETP or TFS.
  • Uses: frozen juice, spices, pet food, snack food.

210.5 Composite Can End

  • Can be produced as ETP or TFS.
  • Uses: snack food.

401 Composite Can End

  • Can be produced as ETP or TFS.
  • Uses: baby formula, dried fruit, snack food.

Our ends are proudly manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, using steel sourced in the United States of America. The materials we use are BPA-Ni, and all our end profiles can be produced with or without compound. Looking for something we don't have listed? Give us a call today and let our dedicated Customer Service team help you get what you need.