End Making Facility for the Composite Can & Metal Container Industry

Robert R. Rayfield & Associates, Inc. is an end making facility specializing in 210.5, 211, and 401 diameters for both the composite can and metal container industry.

With the capabilities to produce over 400.0 MM ends annually, we can supply most of your end requirements.

By scroll shearing the metal sheets, maximum usage of the steel is observed, thereby saving material and lowering the cost of each end. The ends are continually inspected, then packaged and are ready for shipment.

Because of our low overhead, Robert R. Rayfield & Associates, Inc. can offer our product at a very competitive price and with our hands-on experience, we can offer a superior product.

Leaders in Manufacturing Quality Gas Flushing Systems

In addition to producing can ends, Rayfield & Associates, Inc. has been firmly ensconced as one of the leaders in manufacturing quality gas flushing systems, an economical alternative to vacuum packing snack foods into heavy steel cans.

We have fabricated gas flushing systems for composite cans, glass jars, metal containers, plastic, canisters, and flexible packages. The Rayfield designed gas flushing system has been mentioned in such trade publications as "Snack Food" and "Packaging World".

Our gas flushing systems may be designed to accommodate one particular can size or a variety of heights and diameters. The System can be customized to conform to the customer's plant layout.

Robert R. Rayfield & Associates, Inc. is a "small family business" with national and international sales. We have customers from New York to California, from Wisconsin to Texas, and from France to China.